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My Life as a Blowup Doll Joslyn James Sophia Locke Lia Lovely Dante Colle full video


My Life as a Blowup Doll Joslyn James Sophia Locke Lia Lovely Dante Colle full video

Redheaded Sophia Locke is trying to have a classy wedding shower, when horny Joslyn James gifts her a blowup sex doll! Sophia is disturbed, but her curvy friend Lia Lovely is kind of into it. Sophia throws the sex doll to the side, disgusted, and tells Joslyn to get rid of it. In the other rooms, both Joslyn and Lia take turns having fun with the doll. That’s when they notice something strange… the doll comes alive! Dante Colle appears as a fully formed (and hard) man, and the MILFs can’t get enough. When Sophia discovers that her gift is way more than just a doll, the three fight over who gets to fuck him! Damion Dayski Catfished For Pussy Ebony Mystique Damion Dayski

My Life as a Blowup Doll Joslyn James Sophia Locke Lia Lovely Dante Colle
My Life as a Blowup Doll Joslyn James Sophia Locke Lia Lovely Dante Colle

Joslyn James has enough experience in the bedroom to work a cock with expert hands. Her sexual skills are so fine she skyrocketed to mainstream notoriety in 2009, when her status as one of Tiger Woods’s main mistresses broke in the media tidal wave. Joslyn has always had a wicked streak of the bad-girl in her, a fact that’s hard to miss when you look at her epic curves and the tattoos that ornament her from lower back to awesomely large tits. She loves dancing more than anything, and is trained in several styles, including ballet, jazz, and tap. Trying new things, she says, is the most important thing in life, and so she has appeared on mainstream shows like “Sons of Anarchy” and “Dexter.” This MILF says she’s always had a wicked lust for life, and it shows in all of her wickedly sexy scenes.

From curvy cam slut extraordinaire to freaky porn star, Sophia Locke is rising up the ranks of the adult industry one satisfied partner at a time (and sometimes two or three!). An aficionado of kink and debauchery, Sophia made a name for herself in the webcam world with her love of the rough stuff, and she’s brought that to her work in Porn Valley! With an outgoing and bubbly personality, an ever-changing head of hair, and an incredible natural body, Sophia knows exactly what it takes to keep her fans interested. A sexy sub, Sophia likes to know she’s satisfying her partner’s dirtiest desires, saying “The idea that I’m just kind of a sexual thing that people use to get off, I really like that.” So if that’s the kind of attitude you can get behind, don’t miss this XBIZ winner in hot hardcore action below!

Stacked and ready to fuck, small-waisted cumslut Lia Lovely likes it when her sex partner is a good kisser because it really gets her in the mood for a hard banging! The bisexual babe’s favorite physical feature is her lips, which are perfect for wrapping around a thick, well-hung cock and giving sensational blowjobs! Bubbly and funny on set, Lia is a favorite amongst her costars, and her fans simply can’t get enough of her humongous double-F assets. With her huge boobs and big round bum, the curvy babe gets attention wherever she goes, and she often fantasizes about being part of a gangbang. When Lia isn’t busy flaunting her hot body on set, she likes to eat Thai food, visit museums, and play the piano. Check out voluptuous Lia in her sexy scenes below!

Dante Colle is an adventurous hunk whose boyish good looks are merely a ploy to trap his unsuspecting prey into his love dungeon. With his biggest turn-on being sexual spontaneity, the dark-haired lad from Chicago loves to experiment in the bedroom. Referring to himself as a hippie on the streets and GQ in the sheets, lean Dante follows a strict, health-centric lifestyle that includes the paleo diet, practicing CrossFit and plenty of sex! However, there is one thing the sexy stud enjoys more than fucking and that’s the rush he gets from skydiving!

Date: February 25, 2023