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Rubbing Jexxxica The Right Way Dante Colle Jexxxica Blake


Rubbing Jexxxica The Right Way Dante Colle Jexxxica Blake

Jexxxica Blake struts around the pool in a tiny, orange bikini – the swimsuit hugs her curves, showing off every inch of her perfect body. Jexxxica is feeling horny today and she’s getting lonely by herself at the pool. Here comes Dante Colle with a cold beverage in his hand. Jexxxica thanks him but it’s not the drink she wants, she would rather wrap her plump lips around Dante’s thick cock. Jexxxica asks Dante to fetch the oil and, as he does, she slips into something a bit more comfortable. Dante worships and soaks Jexxxica’s body with oil until he can’t take it anymore and slips his hard cock into Jexxxica’s tight hole. There’s nothing better than an afternoon in the sun, especially when it ends with Dante cumming all over Jexxxica’s big, round tits!

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Rubbing Jexxxica The Right Way Dante Colle Jexxxica Blake
Rubbing Jexxxica The Right Way Dante Colle Jexxxica Blake

If there’s one thing Orlando-native Jexxxica Blake loves more than anything it’s shopping. It’s her therapy, her cardio, her hobby—if you ever see Jexxxica with a credit card in her hand, stand back and watch the master at work. When the dark-haired babe with a curvy body like a Barbie doll isn’t adding to her shoe and purse collection, the tall tgirl loves to hit the bakeries for cupcakes and spend weekends fishing. Check out busty Jexxxica and her many talents in the scenes below!

Dante Colle is an adventurous hunk whose boyish good looks are merely a ploy to trap his unsuspecting prey into his love dungeon. With his biggest turn-on being sexual spontaneity, the dark-haired lad from Chicago loves to experiment in the bedroom. Referring to himself as a hippie on the streets and GQ in the sheets, lean Dante follows a strict, health-centric lifestyle that includes the paleo diet, practicing CrossFit and plenty of sex! However, there is one thing the sexy stud enjoys more than fucking and that’s the rush he gets from skydiving!

Date: April 28, 2023