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Wifey vs. the Backup Broskis Kendra Sunderland Scott Nails Chris Blaccwood Nick Strokes full video


Wifey vs. the Backup Broskis Kendra Sunderland Scott Nails Chris Blaccwood Nick Strokes full video | Watch Free Full Videos on Bored wife Kendra Sunderland wants to intensify her sex life a bit, giving pointers and examples to her husband (Nick Strokes) to “rough it up” during sex. Kendra coaxes him into some light choking and a little spankin’, but this takes Nick out of the zone! To satisfy his insatiably horny wife, Strokes calls two friends (the backup broskis: Scott Nails and Chris Blaccwood) to bring the necessary length, girth, and roughness. The broskis run Kendra through extreme positions (spinning her around, eating her ass, and stuffing her mouth and creamy pussy with fat cocks and wild abandon) while Nick Strokes takes notes. Seeing his wife spattered by the broski’s cum (and pages of notes) inspires Nick to step up and give wifey what she needs finally: more cum Pornmz!

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Wifey vs. the Backup Broskis, Kendra Sunderland, Scott Nails, Chris Blaccwood, Nick Strokes

Wifey vs. the Backup Broskis, Kendra Sunderland, Scott Nails, Chris Blaccwood, Nick Strokes

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but a mere glance at Kendra Sunderland, aka the “Oregon Library Girl,” is more than enough for you to realize she is one of the most beautiful blondes to ever grace porno flicks. While attending classes and working a regular 9 to 5, “natural Barbie” Kendra realized that she wanted more out of life, so she started performing on webcam. After a video of her showing off her perfect 32G tits and tight pussy in her school’s library went viral in 2015, Kendra was swept into a whirlwind of lust, admiration, and new-found popularity. Fast forward a few years, and Kendra is now one of the most recognizable names in the smut biz. From multiple AVN awards to being celebrated on a Kanye West-designed shirt, Kendra’s rising star now illuminates the entire landscape of the adult industry. The best part is, you can witness all of her shine, light, and undeniably alluring sexual energy by checking out this library girl in the scenes below!

It’s easy to see why this strapping stud calls himself Scott Nails: whether he’s nailing two-by-fours on a construction site or busty broads on screen, Scott always does a bang-up job. The former owner of a construction company, this hardworking hunk is no stranger to getting his hands dirty. And there’s nothing like a pair of big, rough hands to get a petite and pervy starlet going! After his company went under during the 2000 stock market crash, Scott was looking to change career paths in a big way, and knew just what he wanted to get into: the porn industry. Lucky for him, his then-girlfriend had recently invited him to do a boy-girl shoot with her, and he’d impressed the director so much that breaking into the biz was a cinch! Incredibly strong-willed with a mighty dick to match, Scott’s rugged good looks, penchant for playing rough, and no-bullshit attitude have made him a favorite amongst pervy viewers and porn princesses alike. There’s just something about the strong and silent type that women can’t resist, and adult film fans love watching them go wild for him! So for a gifted cocksman who’s truly tough as nails, treat yourself to Scott Nails’ super hot sex scenes today.

Everyone knows a big cock can pleasure a woman’s pussy, but the supremely well-endowed Chris Blaccwood doesn’t stop there: this massage therapist knows how to make every single inch of his partner’s body feel just as amazing. Chris especially likes going deep from behind, a position that lets his talented hands roam! Also known as Mr. Blaccwood, this handsome and muscular hunk has been bringing his body-rubbing and fucking skills to screens worldwide since 2018, and he always impresses with his famous long-distance cumshots. Pick up a thing or two from Chris in his scenes below.

We’re stoked to introduce you to Nick Strokes! An enthusiastic go-getter, Nick loves smashing vag on set and he will go to any lengths to please a pretty lady. With expert pussy licking skills and a rampant cock that fucks like a jack-hammer, Nick has what it takes to get to the top of the industry. Check out this virile stud in action in the videos below!

Date: September 24, 2023